Monday, July 2, 2012

olympic obsession

every four years one of my favorite things happens: the olympics. i prefer the summer olympics, with gymnastics and swimming being my favorite things to watch. i have been loving watching the olympic trials and am brimming with excitement for the actual games to start. i also love how the athletes are all on twitter and instagram and by following them i am basically an olympian by association. 
naturally, in preparation for my gymnastic obsession i have been watching make it or break it on netflix. its wonderfully horrendous but i have been sucked in to what is most likely a terribly accurate portrayal of gymnast drama.

my new bffs!!
currently, i am taking a break from make it or break it and watching the olympic swim trials and its really taking me back to my years on summer league swim team. go blue sharks! i don't know why i didn't keep up with that sport, as i probably would have been a shoe in for the 2012 olympics.

me as an obvious olympic hopeful. {thanks, mom, for digging up my old trading card!}


  1. I am also a huge olympics fan. I get pretty obsessed every 2 years (I also enjoy the winter olympics).

  2. I JUST finished watching Make it or Break it. Its uncanny how accurate they were. It was a week long marathon!

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