Monday, September 30, 2013

so, i'm moving to denver.

okay, not really. yet.

i spent a weekend in denver with my girl rachel, and we had such a grand time. can i just state how luxurious it is to be able to spend all day outside and not keel over from heat stroke? it got pretty toasty while we were there and we were sporting some pretty cute sunburns, but the weather was still nice enough to spend all of saturday cruising from one b-cycle stand to the next. 

sunday entailed bottomless mimosas and a Rockie's game. after a quick lesson from the guy in the fan shop about who our favorite players should be, we became really committed fans. it only makes sense that we were featured on the jumbotron immediately after taking our seats. it's clearly very obvious that i'm incredibly sporty.

Friday, September 20, 2013

i eat a lot.

 lamb meatballs at arcade midtown kitchen
somebody asked me the other day what i've been up to lately, and honestly the only answer i could think of was "working and eating a lot". but seriously, i have been trying some bangin' restaurants in san antonio, and i'm lucky enough to have some friends that like to partake in nomming fests with me. it was restaurant week a few weeks ago in san antonio, so i obviously made it my mission to consume as many prix fixe meals as possible. last week was also taste of the riverwalk so i walked my happy self up and down houston street merrily sampling everything i could get my hands on.

people complain all the time about how san antonio is so lame, but then don't do anything to educate themselves about things going on in the city. yes, it is tortuously hot outside, and we have been in drought conditions for approximately my entire life, but there are plenty of fun things to do and tons of great restaurants to check out. while i do not necessarily want to reside here for the rest of my life, i'm having a wonderful time stuffing my face in the meantime.

some after work pizza & beer at stella public house with some of my fave co-workers

cocktails at bohanan's for our  2nd annual outing to taste of the riverwalk with the nicu crew!

Monday, August 19, 2013

mexican happenings.

i recently went down to mexico for a little vacay/birthday party (happy 30th, monika!!!!)/engagement celebration (yay jonika!!!!!!) with some friends and family. mexico is always such a relaxing and easy vacation destination- it is very simple to get there from texas, and once you're at the resort, there are really not many reasons to leave. the ease of travel and luxury of not having to leave your resort may cause you to slack in your planning a little bit. even if you're usually a very adept traveler, it is possible that you may forget to tell your bank that you're leaving the country. and you may forget to stop at an ATM prior to your departure. but if you're as lucky as me, you are traveling with a responsible adult friend who will not only give you a payday loan, but she'll take photos of your outfit and not even think twice (thanks, ber!).

 dress: nordstrom (similar), belt: anthropologie, sandals: altar'd state, earrings: kendra scott

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


 (full on BRF - blogger's own, tee: target, bralette: target, belt: old navy (similar), jorts: DIY, sandals: altar'd state)

i'm obsessed with jorts (jean shorts). on females. not on males- that is making me cringe just thinking about it. one thing that i love more than a good pair of jorts are a good pair of high waisted jorts. why i love them, or why they are in style is beyond me, but it is an affinity i have been cultivating all summer and i cannot stop wearing them.

i refer to them as my man-repellers. after all, nothing is more attractive than donning a pair of glorified mom jeans with the legs cut off. so i've come up with a simple plan to make them seem a little more attractive: wear a see-through tee (with a fun lacy bralette, duh...don't let the goods just hang out!), and cut the legs really short. because if you're going to be wearing a (really fashionable) denim diaper, you've got to give it some sex appeal.

mom jeans in all of their pre-jorts glory

Monday, July 29, 2013

bitchy resting face.

this is what my face looks like as i sit here to write this post. seriously, i'm really enjoying it. (also noted that i should brush my hair more often...)

i'm a pretty cheery person. like  a find-the-silver-lining, glass-half-full, look-on-the-bright-side kind of girl. i regularly get compliments like "oh you're in such a good mood" or "you have such a nice disposition". i should also mention that these statements come from people who know me well. people who are well aware that i suffer from Bitchy Resting Face.

people who don't know me well are like "what's wrong? are you okay?", or "cheer up, and have a good time", or "you don't look like you're having fun at all". Just FYI: i'm typically having a great time when these accusations are made. i just have an angry look about me when i'm not actively making an expression. it is something i've recently learned about myself, and when a friend showed me this PSA i could instantly relate.

 perfect example of BRF. contrary to what that bitchy face depicts, i was having a great time being chauffeured to the outlet mall and to my brother's birthday dinner. 

for instance, i was at one of the 8,000 weddings that i've attended this year and a guy told me approximately 67 times "you'd look so much better if you smiled". that is just rude. i was actually having a stellar time, and a pretty good hair day, so that should have made up for my bitchy expression. by the end of the evening i really was being a bitch to him because he was irritating the crap out of me. all i wanted to say was "oh, well you'd look so much better if you weren't wearing that disgusting paisley tie". but i refrained, because like i said...i'm not really that bitchy. 

anyway, i now know that Bitchy Resting Face is really a thing, and i suffer from it. it is so refreshing to be able to say "no, i'm not having a crap time, i just suffer from Bitchy Resting Face". this typically makes people laugh and then realize that i'm not actually a bitch, but that i'm really kind of badass. and sort of weird.

Friday, May 24, 2013

DIY flower crown

Maybe it was the Lana Del Ray pandora station I had rockin' yesterday morning, but I had a sudden desire for a flower crown. Why I need a flower crown or where I would possibly wear one is beyond me. Maybe to First Friday, since all of the hipsters will be out to play and I'll fit right in (do hipsters wear flower crowns??? i feel like they do...).
So I popped over to the HobLob to get some supplies and had myself a little DIY sesh. It was absurdly easy to make, so don't be offended that I'm actually providing instructions on how to make one yourself. I also glued some flowers onto a stretchy headband and made on that is a little less in-yo-face and more like oh-i-happen-to-have-flowers-on-this-headband.... But that wouldn't be near as fun to photograph for blogging purposes. So you get the Lana Del Ray giant flower crown how-to. enjoy!

begin by taking the vine wrapped wire and measure it to fit around your head. i cut three lengths of this and braided it together to make the band more substantial. secure the ends into a halo by wrapping them together with the floral tape.

pop the flowers off of their stems

cut the remaining stem nub off of the flower, and apply hot glue

secure the flower to the vine crown. i chose to go all the way around with my flowers.

fill in any gaps with smaller flowers until you have a look you like!

resulting flower child.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

awkward & awesome.

So I really love awkward & awesome Thursday. I have only done it once before, but I think it is something I need to start doing on the reg. If we're being completely truthful here, I shouldn't just limit myself to Thursdays, because I find myself in the weirdest situations pretty much every day. I honestly had forgotten all about awkward & awesome until the other day when I tweeted about the awkward situations I find myself in, and my girl Christina replied "Blog about it!". Well, okay girl! I will!

- getting a ride from my dad back to my car on Seis de Mayo. because Cinco de Mayo really did me in. I made it home, but my vehicle did not. Thanks, dad, for taking a slight detour on your way to work to take your ridiculous daughter back to the establishment that fed her unlimited mimosas from noon-3pm.

-getting out of the shower, walking out of the bathroom and into the living room only to find the housekeeper standing there with a mop. this event did not live up to its full awkward potential seeing as how I was wearing a robe.

- boys in san antonio. wtf, guys. just call a girl and ask her to dinner, it isn't that difficult.
no lie, i was at a party the other week, and a guy followed me around for 2 hours and all he would say was "so and so says i should ask you out". did he ask me out? no. but the next day he sent me a facebook message saying "i didn't get to score your to indulge?". for real. is this the norm? or is it just me who gets to interact with these gems?

-going on a shopping excursion and the chambray button down shirt you're wearing keeps busting open. i think it had to do with my crossbody bag undoing the buttons, but still. i looked down on several occasions and realized my shirt was flapping in the wind and my pink polka-spotted bra was on display to everybody at la cantera. at least i was wearing cute undergarments? 

- i close on my new house tomorrow. i'm feeling very adult like, seeing as how lately i've been comparing stainless steel appliances instead of designer shoes. weird. dexter and i are pretty excited, but we don't move in until later this summer. boo.

- cinco de mayo. it is such a great day/holiday/excuse to party. when it is spent on a patio with bottomless mimosas, bocce ball, and great friends? even better.

-a purse full of 3 dozen confetti eggs. if you don't live in san antonio, you may not be aware of the joys that are cascarones, but you should educate yourself ASAP. you either love them, or you pretend to hate them (because i'm convinced nobody can actually hate being surprised with a confetti shower). Anyways, I'm still finding confetti and bits of colored eggshell in my handbag, and I'm completely cool with it.

- an old school Spurs hat in fiesta colors. i instagrammed this last night and i may or may not be wearing it currently as i type this. and you bet i'll be wearing it in public whilst watching/attending spurs games. i think i'm going to get it monogrammed.
i'm trying to finagle some tickets to an upcoming playoff game....preferably floor seats so that this treasure can be spotted on national television. i'll let you know how that goes....

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